About the program

TAT CULT program consists of the series of the events and special projects intended to support and promote the modern Tatar culture.

TAT CULT mission is to propel Tatar art to a brand new and competitive level, and integrate Tatar language into the international culture.

TAT CULT multimedia program involves many art categories, among them: music and literature, graphic art and stage art, media art, industrial art, fashion and gastronomy. Moreover, TAT CULT is intended to allow establishing the professional community and provide dialogue between performing artists and audience.

The objectives of the events and projects held by TAT CULT brand are as follows:

— Developing and enhancing the market of the art world, and integrating thereof into the economic sector of the republic.
— Establishing a large-scale cultural brand capable of becoming both a significant urban phenomenon and a geographical image of the republic.
— Unifying the leading cultural and art celebrities of Tatarstan to create an integral and adaptive community.
— Involving various social groups of the country to participate in the cultural life of the region, defining the objectives of the modern youth.
— Consolidating the potential of various subcultures in order to create new competitive products.